In Maryland, Thieves Zero in on ATMs

Thieves turn toward ATMs, carving them open or carrying them away

When police stopped the Impala, they found a K-12 inside. Fletcher later told a cooperating witness that he and others were going to "cut an ATM," according to court papers.

Fletcher remained in jail until he was bailed out in January and confined to his mother's home in Bowie on electronic monitoring. He fled Feb. 6.

Investigators tracked him to a house in Laurel, but he was gone. While he was a fugitive, agents wrote in court papers that ATMs were stolen in Rockville, Innwood, W. Va., and Fairfax, Va.

In early April, two ATMs were stolen in Jackson, Tenn. The thieves had used the same method as Fletcher's team, according to authorities.

An off-duty police officer who had worked on the stolen ATM case in Tennessee was moonlighting at a Wal-Mart on June 21 when he spotted a man who looked like Fletcher.

"Based on facial recognition, tattoo markings and physical description, [an FBI] agent confirmed the identity of Tracy Fletcher," FBI Special Agent Scott P. Dugas wrote in court papers.

Later, agents wrote that they searched Fletcher's car in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

Inside, they said, was a K-12 saw.