Premier Electronics Releases PK-555 Aspherical Lens Board Camera

A new color board camera, which utilizes an aspherical lens, will provide wide viewing angles without the distortion associated with standard lenses. Quality and reliability has been built in by three lines of QA, this ensures every board camera is individually verified. This product is now available from Premier Electronics.

A spherical surface lens has difficulty in correcting distortion in ultra-wide-angle lenses or coma in large-aperture lenses brought about by spherical aberration of the lens. An aspherical lens is a lens whose curved surface does not conform to the shape of a sphere and is shaped to remove this problem. The PK-555 offers a horizontal viewing angle of 130ÅŸ. The camera is ultra small, just 26x26x22mm and draws a typical 70mA allowing it to be used for covert and battery powered applications. High reliability has been designed in by utilizing high temperature low tolerance components, ceramic capacitors instead of tantalum and no optical low pass filter. The camera uses the Sony ICX227AZ CCD 1/4-inch interline CCD which provides 350 TV lines.

The PK-555 will find applications in the transport industry as a reversing guide and in vehicle security monitoring, dome cameras, CCTV security, military applications plus many, many more industries.

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