S2 Releases S2 NetBox Version 2.1

WELLESLEY, Mass. - S2 Security Corporation (S2) today announced the release of version 2.1 of the S2 NetBox, the company's web-based integrated security management network appliance. Version 2.1 focuses on the user experience by integrating a completely revised user interface and a built-in web-based link to online, live technical support. The release also includes a number of internal enhancements related to robustness in the IP networked environment.

The new S2 NetBox web-based user interface, noted for its accessibility, further simplifies navigation to the system's increasingly rich capabilities. "Version 2.1 brings a more high-end look and feel to the product while retaining the ease of use that we're known for," noted John L. Moss, CEO of S2 Security Corporation.

A built-in, live link to online technical support is perhaps the most innovative capability added to the release. With this feature, users can initiate calls for technical support online, over the Internet. By using web conferencing technology, support sessions pass through firewalls without difficulty. To ensure security, calls can only be initiated by privileged system users, and can be terminated by either side at any time.

"It's our mission to be as well known for our support as we are for our innovation, and introducing live, online support serves both of these aims," said Moss. "Online support can be provided by S2, or our integrators may elect to provide it themselves for their own customers as an added revenue source."

Version 2.1 has begun shipping with new orders for S2 NetBox systems. An online-delivered software update for existing S2 NetBox systems will be released shortly and is available without cost to owners of systems under current maintenance agreements.

S2 Security Corporation is online at www.s2sys.com.