Motorola's MOTOMESH Helped Tackle Security at Super Bowl XL

While eyes were on game, police meshed with video surveillance to secure Ford Field

DETROIT - Motorola, Inc. today announced that the city of Detroit deployed its Event Management Solution, featuring the MOTOMESH multi-radio broadband wireless network to enhance public safety measures during Super Bowl XL. While the majority of the population at the Super Bowl watched the game, Detroit police had their eyes on real-time video surveillance by leveraging mesh-enabled cameras as part of Motorola's Intelligent Video Surveillance and Control (iVSC) solution. MOTOMESH delivered seamless video connectivity over the newly allocated 4.9GHz secure public safety band to police cars securing the perimeter of Ford Field, helping increase situational awareness and responsiveness.

The MOTOMESH network and iVSC solution together provided officers access to surveillance cameras in real time allowing them to pan across the crowd, zoom in and out, while viewing live streaming video via mobile command posts utilizing ruggedized Motorola ML 900 laptop computers.

"With the stadium being in the heart of downtown Detroit, and not surrounded by parking lots like many other stadiums, we needed a solution that would boost officials' situational awareness at the entrances and exits to the grounds. This solution allowed the officers to monitor a large area and population from their laptops while remaining in their dispatched areas," said Derrick Miller, City of Detroit, CIO.

In total, Super Bowl XL attracted over 10,000 safety personnel from over 50 different agencies at the local, state and federal levels. The MOTOMESH network provided officers access to the 4.9GHz public safety band in order to securely monitor the stadium, while providing a single interoperable solution for the various agencies. The higher-speed connections offered by the Motorola mesh system also provided mission critical broadband connectivity to the officers in the field. Officers had mobile broadband access to county criminal justice databases, remote digital reporting, multimedia e-mails, and other applications that deliver a "complete desktop experience" to the officers' vehicle-based computers via Motorola's Mobile Office solution.

"We wanted to give our security officials the best tools possible to protect those attending the Super Bowl. The MOTOMESH network was the only solution that allowed us to leverage the interference free 4.9GHz public safety band and provide enough bandwidth to support the high quality mobile video surveillance that we needed," said Kwame Kilpatrick, Mayor of Detroit. "It is also exciting to know that with MOTOMESH there is the potential to expand this network city wide in the future and address the needs of multiple agencies, as well as our citizens."

The network deployment was completed within a week and the setup allowed officers to monitor approximately half a square mile of the Super Bowl's perimeter and the movement of over 65,000 attendants.

Motorola's Event Management solution includes the MOTOMESH network, Intelligent Video Surveillance and Control (iVSC), and the Motorola ML900 Ruggedized Laptop that work together so event officials have more access to mission critical information and the pre-emptive intelligence necessary to keep everyone safe.

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