Earth Security Systems Uses DynaPel to Improve Video Surveillance Systems Performance

Fort Myers, FL – Television weather personalities often refer to shaking images from outdoor cameras to demonstrate the force of prevailing winds. Yet, vibrating images are the last thing security personnel want to see when tracking suspicious activity or reviewing recorded footage. That’s why Earth Security Electronics Inc., of Glen Burnie, Md., has turned to a variety of intelligent video solutions from DynaPel, including the company’s innovative SteadyEye Digital Real Time Video Stabilizer – the only stabilization solution that corrects every axis of motion.

“Cameras mounted on poles, roofs, bridges and other outdoor locations are frequently subjected to vibrations which result in poor or unusable video. The only sure fix we’ve found is DynaPel’s SteadyEye Digital Real Time Video Stabilizer,” said Petar Pavlov, Sales Engineer at Earth Security Electronics, Inc. “Their digital video stabilizer technology is easy to configure and install, reliable and practically sells itself when customers see a demonstration.”

Earth Security Electronics has been selling DynaPel’s intelligent digital video solutions for the security, surveillance and broadcast video markets for over a year with a great level of confidence and success. Recent installations by the security systems integrator include the Baltimore City Police Department, University of Maryland at College Park, Beaufort County Management Information Systems, South Carolina, and the Maryland Department of Transportation – high profile installations where video surveillance plays an integral role in daily operations.

“DynaPel has the technology we need to make virtually any video surveillance system better, since they deliver innovative feature sets not found on even the highest rated PTZ and camera systems. Additionally, DynaPel’s excellent sales and support make the implementation of their video solutions fast, easy and highly effective,” said Pavlov.

In addition to the SteadyEye Digital Real Time Video Stabilizer, Earth Security Electronics helps their customers achieve their security objectives with DynaPel’s CloseView® Intelligent Video Surveillance Tracking and Detection System as the solution for 24-hour monitoring with unattended operation. CloseView makes it possible for virtually any PTZ camera to track multiple objects within the same scene without regard to the size and speed of the motion. CloseView automatically directs the PTZ camera to track all moving objects and zooms in on each for identification purposes. Motion selection can be set to stay with one target only or to toggle between all detected targets, and offers sensitivity levels of high, medium or low.

According to Pavlov, this is especially useful for monitoring automobile dealerships. “Using CloseView, one PTZ can now monitor a wide geographic area 24/7 and track multiple moving objects with close-up images achieved from as far away as 200 feet. Best of all, the customer can configure CloseView to best suit their situation and needs.”

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