Electronics Line USA Introduces New Wide Dynamic Range Camera

Boulder, CO — Electronics Line USA, a provider of vital electronic security products and services for residential, commercial, and industrial markets since 1987, has incorporated the latest pixel technology into its newest surveillance camera, the Wide Dynamic Range EL-FCW48.

Recognizing the need for a surveillance camera that better captures color and detail in all lighting conditions, including extremely low light, Electronics Line USA (EL-USA) has integrated the patented Pixim Digital Pixel System (DPS) into its new Wide Dynamic Range EL-FCW48 (WDR) surveillance camera.

The WDR’s DPS technology translates light signals into digital values at the point of capture, minimizing signal degradation and cross-talk, and producing maximum image reproduction. The technology also establishes separate exposure times and image-capture algorithms for dark and light pixels, eliminating under- and overexposed pixels that plague older camera technology.

“The technology used in our Wide Dynamic Range camera will be responsible for moving the surveillance industry into a whole new realm,” noted Michael (Mike) Davis, general manager of Electronics Line, USA. “In a sense, each pixel acts as its own camera, making it possible for users to capture a clear picture of the surveillance area, regardless of lighting. Convenience stores now will be able to capture the license plate numbers of individuals at the fuel-pumps; homeowners will be able to read the nametag of the deliveryman at their front door; and office buildings will be able to read the time on their punch-in clocks.”

Factory settings and a user-friendly menu translate to quick, easy, and economical installation of the WDR camera in any site and also allow for seamless integration with older video systems. An added bonus, the cameras can be controlled directly from the video cable in most situations, eliminating the need for a serial interface.

Electronics Line USA is a world leader in design, development, and manufacturing of cutting-edge closed-circuit television equipment, as well as wireless and wired burglar alarm systems for the residential, commercial, and industrial security markets. Since the company’s inception in 1978, EL-USA has provided the security industry with technologically advanced, well-designed, and reliable security communication products.

Electronics Line USA is a division of Electronics Line, headquartered in Petah Tikva, Israel, whose facility includes a state-of-the-art, fully equipped research center and fully automated production lines.

For more information about Electronics Line USA and their products, visit their Web site at el-usa.com.