SignalONE Safety's Vocal Smoke Alarms Now Available through ADI

Melville, NY, July 10, 2006 - ADI, a leading security and low voltage distributor, today announced it is offering products from SignalONE Safety, the manufacturer of Vocal Smoke Alarms, which enhance child safety within the home by allowing the user to record a personalized command to help wake children during a fire.

The Vocal Smoke Alarm allows up to 15 seconds for a family member to record a warning and an escape message for children in their own voice. Designed to be an additive solution and not a replacement for other monitored smoke alarms in a house, the Vocal Smoke Alarm enhances a family's safety by increasing the likelihood that all family members receive the earliest possible warning in the event of a fire.

“The Vocal Smoke Alarm is an excellent choice for any household with children,” said Scott Sturgess, director of product management, Intrusion & Fire Products, ADI. “When I saw a video clip of the Vocal Smoke Alarm in action, I knew it was a product that ADI would like to sell to its customers.”

The Vocal Smoke Alarm is AA battery powered, includes advanced photoelectric sensing technology, which reduces nuisance alarms, and a directional speaker, which aims the voice directly at the pillow. All necessary mounting hardware and batteries are included.

“SignalONE Safety is committed to creating products that make a difference in family’s lives,” said Matt Ferris, CEO of SignalONE Safety. “Traditional smoke alarms simply do not work for children and young adults. We believe the job of a smoke alarm is more than just sensing smoke; its primary goal is to awaken all family members and assist in getting them out safely.”

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