Savi Networks Partners with Georgia's Maritime Logistics Innovation Center

Partnership provides real-time information on location, status of cargo containers

The Maritime Logistics Innovation Center, created in 2003 within the Georgia Centers of Innovation Program, is a unique partnership of private industry, academia and federal and state authorities working together to develop, apply and promote new technologies, identify unique applications for existing technology, and create best practices for safe, efficient and secure supply chains. For more information, visit r.htm.

Savi Networks LLC operates a global information network that uses Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) equipment and software to provide shippers with information about the identity, location and status of their ocean cargo containers and contents. The company, which is majority-owned by the Lockheed Martin Company, partners with leading global port and terminal operators to enable value-added services to the end-customers of their facilities. Savi Networks provides the SaviTrak information service that allows shippers, logistics service providers and transportation companies to manage and monitor their shipments over a secure Internet connection. Customers can expand the existing network by installing compatible equipment at their own locations, further improving the efficiency, effectiveness and security of their global supply chains. To learn more about Savi Networks, visit