DICE and U.S. Acoustics Partner for Video Surveillance

Bay City, MI - DICE Corporation collaborates with U.S. Acoustics Technologies of San Leandro, CA to integrate video technology. The goal was to supply Grand Central Station of Hayward, California, with a unified video surveillance and monitoring system by combining DICE Aegis software and U.S. Acoustics' Video Image Transferring (VIT) remote surveillance product.

One month ago, Grand Central Station signed on to this different mode of video monitoring. Keith Buerke, vice president of central station operations at Grand Central Station, comments on the implementation process and integration of their DICE Aegis Monitoring Software with the U.S. Acoustics system.

"The system is extremely easy to use, it takes me about 5 minutes to train an operator. We get 5 pre alarm and 10 post alarm frames and the video is high quality," said Buerke. "From the moment the alarm triggers we receive the video in less than 10 seconds. That gives the operator time to review the captured video and patrol the site while waiting for the digital alarm signal."

The video images present observational detail that can be accessed from any computer. The combined technologies offers a complete solution that is easy to implement and provides additional streams of revenue central station monitoring.

"The VIT system can integrate with an alarm panel or can actually operate as a stand alone device which is very unique. You can hook a couple of panic buttons to it and just plug it into the internet and you are all set with a video robbery verification unit," said Buerke. "The most unique thing about the system is that we are able to store all video events on a central server in our facility and the operators can recall the video event if they have reason to do so."

DICE Aegis communicates with the VIT system and directs the video images to the operator monitoring the alarm signal, so when the alarm is received it can be instantly verified. Douglas Kim, vice president at U.S. Acoustics, comments about how DICE Aegis software works with their VIT product.

"Video Images are captured and can be emailed to the operator and also the key holder," said Kim. "Even when the alarm isn't armed and there is a panic situation, images can be transferred so operators can monitor as the situation is occurring. Especially in a panic situation, there is speed when you need it most."

U.S. Acoustics Technologies, Inc., is online at www.usacoustics.com. DICE Corporation is online at www.dicecorp.com.