Alarm Lock Introduces New Stainless Steel Mullion Keypad

Amityville, NY - Alarm Lock Systems, Inc., the leader in electronic pushbutton standalone locks, is launching a new family of self-contained stainless steel keypads designed to control access of a single entry point for facilities with up to 150 users.

One of the models being released is the A-100IMWP Outdoor Illuminated Mullion Keypad, which is a self-contained access control keypad created for outdoor applications. Its heavy stainless mullion-style surface-mount enclosure is designed to be used in narrow stile applications.

Each user is assigned personal identification number which can be three to six digits long. Audible feedback verifies each key press. All programming is easily accomplished from the keypad, eliminating the need for additional software packages. The non-volatile EEPROM memory retains all programmed entry codes. The A-100IMWP operates up to three outputs and can be used to trigger a door strike, an electromagnetic door lock, or any other relay-activated device. Outputs #1 and #2 are Form C relay contacts. Output #3 is an open collector transistor. Authorized door open time can be programmed for any duration from 1 to 99 seconds.

The A-100IMWP Outdoor Illuminated Mullion Keypad is one of three rugged stainless steel models available to meet most residential and commercial environments

For more information on Alarm Lock's advanced access and egress solutions, call 1-800-ALA-LOCK or visit our website at, or ask for specification sheet, ALA479 for full information.