National Basketball Association Awards Corporate Security Services Contract to Protection Plus

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 25, 2006--Isonics Corporation (NASDAQ:ISON), a developer of innovative solutions for the homeland security and semiconductor markets, announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Protection Plus Security Corporation (PPSC), has been awarded a two-year contract to provide security services for the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The contract, establishes PPSC as a preferred security services provider for the NBA. Under the agreement, PPSC will provide a wide range of security services at multiple NBA corporate sites in Metropolitan New York.

"We are very pleased to be working with the NBA," commented Boris Rubizhevsky, Vice Chairman of Isonics and President of PPSC. "This contract with the NBA represents another high-profile customer that has selected PPSC for its innovative security solutions."

About Protection Plus Security Corporation

Protection Plus Security Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Isonics Corporation, offers a range of services and products, including armed and unarmed security personnel, and technology-based security and investigative services. It provides electronic security systems, armed escort couriers, executive bodyguards, video/electronic surveillance, mobile vehicle patrols, special event security and VIP escorts. The Company's investigative solutions include communications security, eavesdropping/espionage countermeasures, industrial sabotage investigations, employment investigations and a range of forensic services such as voice and handwriting analysis, DNA testing and drug screening.

Isonics Corporation has three business divisions: (1) Homeland Security and Defense (2) Semiconductor, and (3) Life Sciences. Isonics is a world leader in isotopically engineered materials and through its semiconductor division produces isotopically pure silicon-28 chemicals, silicon-on-insulator wafers, wafer reclaim services and test wafers, including 300mm, for the semiconductor industry. Isonics' Life Sciences division markets and sells isotopes to the health care industry for the imaging and treatment of cancer. Stable isotopes can be thought of as ultra pure materials. This high degree of purification provides enhanced properties as compared to natural materials. Our efforts in the Homeland Security segment are nascent (notwithstanding our operations at Protection Plus Security Corporation) at the present time as we proceed to develop further our IMS and neutron-based detection technologies. Additional information may be obtained at the company's web site at

(Business Wire -- 01/26/06)