Bosch Defines Second Generation IP CCTV with New Encoder

Fairport, New York -- Bosch Security Systems, a full-line manufacturer of high-quality security systems and components, has expanded its portfolio of video over IP encoders for networked CCTV systems with the VIP X1600 encoder. The VIP X1600, a unique, 16-channel unit with hot-swappable input modules, uses revolutionary iSCSI technology for storage to greatly simplify the total video over IP CCTV solution.

Bosch is the first to employ iSCSI technology in a CCTV surveillance system. This technology allows efficient, low-cost, and fully expandable RAID 5 storage - and is much simpler and more flexible than conventional Network Video Recorders (NVRs). With iSCSI storage, the VIP X1600 functions as a high-performance DVR, but with a key difference. An iSCSI storage array can be directly connected to the VIP X1600 for reliable recording and storage "at the edge," or attached to the LAN where it can be shared by other encoders and IP cameras on the network, including Bosch's full range of IP-enabled products. The VIP X1600 can also be used in Bosch's classic NVR architecture, where it supports Bosch's patent-pending Automatic Network Replenishment (ANR), which provides uninterrupted centralized recording even in the event of a network outage.

All devices in Bosch's comprehensive VIP and VideoJet series of IP network products integrate seamlessly with existing fixed and PTZ analog cameras, as well as wired and wireless networks. They use MPEG-4 compression, which allows the transmission of full-motion video at the highest resolution (4CIF). Audio and video decoding is done with either a VIP XD decoder and analog monitor; a PC running VIDOS, Bosch's Video Management System, or Bosch's VIDOS Monitor Wall for large plasma displays; or a simple Web browser.

Designed to run non-stop, the VIP X1600 accommodates up to four hot-swappable modules, each with four analog video or combined audio/video inputs. This means that additional video or audio/video modules can be exchanged or added at any time without interrupting the other 12 cameras. Users benefit from easy system expansion with high channel density and lower costs.

Dual streaming allows viewing and recording at two different quality levels to save disk space and bandwidth, and the VIP X1600 supports up to 32 independent streams of video.

The VIP X1600 supports multiple manufacturers fixed and PTZ cameras, including Bosch's AutoDomes. Using VASA, Bosch's hybrid IP integration software, the encoder is a central component in the migration from analog to IP with full transparency to the end user.

Network port redundancy on the VIP X1600 is enabled by two Gigabit Ethernet connections on the front of the device. This is especially useful for local recording at the edge, since customers can attach the iSCSI unit directly to the VIP X1600. This means that up to 6 TB of audio and video can be recorded on a RAID 5 disk without a single byte of data ever touching the network. Combining this capability with the VIP X1600's primary purpose as an IP streaming device has allowed Bosch to define the second generation of IP CCTV.

The VIP X1600 is available through Bosch Certified Security Dealers, and is on the web at