Pelco by Schneider Electric

Pelco Expands Very Popular Fiber Optic Offering

Clovis, CA - Pelco remains dedicated to quality and innovation and is pleased to announce the addition of a new Four Channel Bi-Directional data transmitter and receiver to the PelcoFiber line.  The new FT8104/FR8104 fiber transmitter and receiver has unidirectional contact closures and provides the ability to transmit four bidirectional data channels and four unidirectional contact closures simultaneously over one optical fiber.

The four channel transmitter and receiver incorporate four independent data channels, making each channel independently selectable between RS232, RS422, RS485 (2-wire and 4-wire), Manchester code and Bi-Phase data protocols.  In addition, each channel can transmit an independent contact closure.  The units are modular in design and can be rack mounted or used as standalone modules.

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