Cernium's ExitSentry Selected by Southwest Florida International Airport

Southwest Florida International Airport (SWFIA), the gateway to Fort Myers and Florida's Gulf Coast, has installed three of Cernium's ExitSentry(R) intelligent direction monitoring systems to protect against exit lane intrusions in its new terminal. Cernium, the leader in behavior-recognition software and video analytics technologies, developed the patented ExitSentry technology, which became the first widely used commercial application of "intelligent video". ExitSentry systems have logged more than 1 million hours of exit lane protection at airports throughout North America.

"Concourse exits require fulltime monitoring, yet must allow for a steady flow of exiting travelers. Cernium's ExitSentry installations at Southwest Florida International create an unobtrusive yet extremely effective solution for exit concourse security that does not divert or overload personnel resources," said Ken Vondrasek, Cernium's aviation sector manager.

Through an integrated system of intelligent video surveillance cameras, behavior-recognition software, audio and visual alerts, and digital recording devices, ExitSentry continuously scans for individuals and objects moving in the wrong direction through a secure exit area. Unauthorized movement triggers a warning, followed by higher priority alarms if the intrusion persists. All intrusions are recorded and instantly replayed so that the violator can be identified. Color photocopies of the intruder are printed for quick and accurate reference by pursuing security personnel.

"At Southwest Florida International Airport, the safety and security of our passengers are our top priority," said Robert M. Ball, AAE, Executive Director of the Lee County Port Authority. "The ExitSentry system provides an extra measure of security at our concourse exits because we can visibly identify intruders and respond immediately. At the same time, it increases the efficiency of our passenger screening process by eliminating the need for TSA to man the exit lanes making more staff available for screening passengers."

When integrated into an airport's overall security profile, ExitSentry can trigger automatic gate closures and door locks, as well as transmit images of suspected intruders to wireless devices of security personnel and law enforcement officials.

Cernium also offers the Perceptrak(R) intelligent video analytics platform, which monitors and analyzes surveillance video feeds for suspicious behaviors in real time and then alerts security personnel. Perceptrak is currently installed worldwide to protect U.S. government facilities, university and corporate campuses, hospitals and commercial properties.

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