Integrator UPS Security and S2 Partner for Remote Site Control

WELLESLEY, MA - S2 Security Corporation (S2) and UPS Security Systems today announced a collaborative effort to provide enhanced remote security system management capabilities through UPS Security Systems' SiteControl service. As a result of the joint effort, UPS Security Systems will be able to manage security systems remotely via the S2 NetBox.

UPS has integrated S2's NetBox physical access security solution with the SiteControl remote monitoring and card access database management service.

The service is the next generation of remote physical security management and monitoring, making SiteControl's 24-hour support available to companies around the country, regardless of geographic location. Additionally, UPS Security Systems clients who choose to will now have the ability to monitor their own security systems from any location, via a Web browser.

"Because the S2 NetBox provides an open platform, partners are able to develop novel products and services based on our technology to meet their customers' specific needs," said John Moss, CEO, S2 Security Systems.

"Because of the application programming interface (API) offered on the S2 NetBox, and its ability to share data over the IP network, this new service from UPS Security Systems is possible."

As physical and logical security solutions continue to converge, this partnership enables UPS Security Systems to provide small and medium sized companies with the same integrated security system features available to much larger organizations. Users of the integrated service will also see reduced equipment costs and operating expenses, as there is less equipment to purchase and customer involvement with the security system is minimal.

"The S2 NetBox is a groundbreaking network security device that allows us to provide our SiteControl services anywhere, independent of geography," said Randy Jara, President of UPS Security Systems. "This partnership allows us to expand our footprint for security service outsourcing on a national basis," noted John Finamore Vice President of UPS Security Systems. "With the S2 NetBox and our 24/7 service center, we can remotely manage a building's security operations anywhere in the country."

About S2 Security Corporation

S2 Security Corporation, provider of integrated security for an IP-networked world, is an innovator in the development of network-based integrated physical security systems supporting access control, alarm monitoring, temperature monitoring, video and intercom. S2's flagship product is the S2 NetBoxT, a network appliance that is a "security management system in a box" that enables facilities of all types to manage their physical security needs from anywhere over IP networks.

S2 Security Corporation is headquartered in Wellesley, MA and can be found online at the S2 Security Corporation Web site:

About UPS Security Systems

UPS Security Systems headquartered in Orange, CA, is a security system integrator providing access control, CCTV, intrusion and fire detection. The company is a leader in security services outsourcing providing remote database management, remote video management, elevator phone monitoring and visitor assistance to over 350 buildings in California.