Altronix Supports Combined Video, Data and Power Distribution Through New HubWay2

Brooklyn, NY - Continuing the launch of their expanded product portfolio with branded products, Altronix has announced the availability of the HubWay2, the latest addition to the HubWay Series of Video/Data/Power integrated devices. The HubWay2 provides centralized UTP video, RS422/RS-S485 data and distributed camera power over a single CAT-5 or higher cable for distances up to 1000 feet to help simplify CCTV installations. Additionally, the HubWay2 package includes eight video baluns for consolidation/breakout of the video, data and power over the CAT-5 twisted pair cable.

"Our new HubWay2 takes advantage of new or existing structured cable as a means to route video, data and power to cameras and provides significant benefits for installers and customers alike in terms of the ease of installation, cost, flexibility and quality," said Alan Forman, President, Altronix Corporation. "The HubWay2 also eliminates problems that were inherent with traditional coax cabling such as ground loops or distance performance."

The HubWay2 provides eight individually selectable 24/28VAC power outlets, each configurable for both AC and/or DC cameras when used with the AC (HubWayA) or DC (HubWayD) video balun combiners. This design allows the video, data and power to each camera to be customized with regard to its particular specification and set up.

The unit has an 8 amp total output current (1 amp max. per channel) and all outputs are fuse protected. An illuminated master power disconnect circuit breaker with manual reset and individual power LED indicators are also incorporated into the design. The HubWay2 is enclosed in a modular 2U standard EIA 19" rack mount chassis and features removable terminal blocks with locking screw flanges for easier maintenance.

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