Wren Introduces New Covert Camera Designed for Retail Applications

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Wren, a leading supplier of video surveillance solutions, today announced the availability of the Wren Stealth Camera, a new indoor camera solution designed specifically to help organizations reduce theft and improve operational excellence.

The professional-grade camera's unique design ensures easy, proper installation within ceiling tiles and secures it against accidental dislocation or movement. The durable camera provides excellent color image quality and features the installer-friendly auto-sensing, dual-voltage circuitry.

"While covert surveillance can conjure up images of 'Big Brother,' there are many benefits for companies and institutions that require discreet coverage to protect their employees, customers and assets," explains Wren President, Andrew Wren. "Forward-thinking organizations continue to improve their surveillance implementations not only to combat crime but to enhance operational efficiencies. We designed the Stealth Camera to augment existing security and operational strategies discreetly, enabling companies to leverage video technology for improved business processes."

In cases where employees or customers have questions about the use of covert surveillance, Wren advises organizations to delineate their video surveillance intentions and communicate that both traditional and covert cameras may be used for monitoring purposes. Often, people who know that security systems have been implemented feel safer, as well. Organizations should also make sure they meet state disclosure requirements.

Wren is online at www.wrenassociates.com.