Zvetco Biometrics Introduces Rugged Waterproof Fingerprint Reader

ORLANDO, Fla. - Fingerprint authentication hardware manufacturer and network security solution provider Zvetco Biometrics today announced a durable new waterproof version of its top- selling Verifi P3400 USB (Universal Serial Bus) fingerprint reader. Zvetco's new Verifi P3400 WP features rugged housing and internal construction proven to withstand the unforgiving wear-and-tear typical of environments requiring heavy cleaning or exposure to the elements. It enables positive user authentication with a single finger touch and without passwords, extending the security and convenience of biometrics to meet repetitive cleaning in the healthcare and food service industries.

"The security and performance of our Verifi P3400 have made it a top choice biometric identity management tool. This new waterproof version was created to meet the demands imposed by the harsh environments of the healthcare and food preparation industries, where frequent cleaning is the norm," said Zavi Cohen, president and CEO of Zvetco Biometrics. "Widespread deployment of biometrics has driven an evolution of use far beyond secure PC access, authentication and identity theft/fraud prevention. Fingerprint scanners have become the preferred identity management solution for a range of uses such as building access, employee time clocks, checkout transactions and wherever else magnetic cards may be in use."

The Verifi P3400 waterproof fingerprint reader stands out from the market with its solid aluminum construction and commercial grade powder coat finishing for unparalleled scratch resistance, durability and protection -- with a unique and unmatched waterproofing technique so airtight, the device can literally be submerged in water without damage. Zvetco's Verifi P3400 WP utilizes the most successful fingerprint technology on the market from AuthenTec to look below the surface of the skin and into the living tissue to ensure a high-quality image for everyone, every time and under virtually every condition.

The P3400 WP is offered as a stand-alone fingerprint reader, or as the FingerTouch Security Professional retail package, which bundles the reader with Zvetco's powerful and easy-to-use Verifi ID Manager software. Verifi ID Manager features password manager/SSO, eWallet, Secure Disk, Application Secure and Secure Windows Login and more, and is compatible with Windows 2000/XP operating systems.

The Verifi P3400 WP is available immediately as a stand-alone USB fingerprint reader for $148 U.S. MSRP. The FingerTouch Security Professional retail package is $168 U.S. MSRP. Zvetco products are available for resale in bulk quantities and with user-specified software and labeling. For more information or to purchase online, visit http://www.eVerifi.com or contact an authorized Zvetco Biometrics reseller or retail partner.

Zvetco Biometrics is online at http://www.zvetcobiometrics.com.