Bold’s Manitou Software Keeps Knight Security Center Ahead of the Technology Curve

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – In an effort to maintain the most up-to-date security technologies available for their customers, Knight Security Center has implemented Manitou, Bold Technologies’ automation software.

The upgrade to Manitou follows a long history that Knight has had with Bold, which began almost 25 years ago when Knight was one of the first central stations to implement the Theos system from Bradley Data Management, Bold’s forerunner.

Bold Technologies President Rod Coles said the fact that Knight has been a long-time customer, combined with the company’s dedication to technology, speaks volumes about both Bold and Knight.

“We are proud that such a ground-breaking company as Knight recognizes the innovation that Manitou represents,” added Coles.

Knight Security Center is no stranger to being recognized as a technology leader. Time Magazine’s September 12, 1983 issue featured Knight as an example of a state-of-the-art security control center.

Throughout its history, Knight has continued to remain in step with the latest technologies by undertaking several major upgrades to the central station, including the Manitou implementation, in order to allow their customers to offer more services and remain competitive with larger companies.

“Knight does more than just offer monitoring – we invent new monitoring technologies,” said Christopher Baskin, president and CEO of Knight Security Center. “We have always been ahead of the curve, which gives our dealers greater opportunities and allows them to offer more enhanced services to their customers.”

Bold’s flagship, Windows-based automation software, Manitou, provides customers with One Point of Control for all their monitoring technologies – including video, access control and GPS. Manitou is scalable and expandable to accommodate the technologies that Bold’s customers will need for today and into the future – regardless of the size of their organization.

“Because Manitou can quickly and easily be enhanced as new technologies emerge, it is a future-proof system that allows our customers such as Knight to grow and expand their services as the industry evolves,” Coles said.

Knight joins the growing number of central stations, proprietary control rooms and corporate security organizations that have already implemented Manitou.

Prior to choosing Manitou, Knight evaluated automation software packages from both GE MAS and DICE, but opted for Manitou because those other providers were not able to offer everything that Knight sought in an automation software platform, Baskin said.

“We chose Manitou because Bold’s newest software is a true Windows application that can plug into today’s and tomorrow’s technologies,,” Baskin added. “Manitou will help us continue to offer our dealers the most advanced services – including those we haven’t even thought of yet. That’s why TIME magazine featured us in 1983, and we are no less excited to offer the most state-of-the-art technologies today and well into the future.”

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