HS3 Technologies to Install Its Surveillance Technologies at McDonald's Franchises

HS3 Technologies, Inc. has executed a Letter of Intent to install its proprietary video security surveillance system at two McDonald's restaurants in Cleveland, Ohio. The execution of the final agreement is anticipated to be completed by mid-January 2006.

Video surveillance is on the rise in the US due to two main focal points: security for customer & employees and increased productivity of employees. Current video surveillance systems used by some franchisees cost approximately $10,000 for a basic package and must be accessed via a computer terminal.

HS3's proprietary system utilizes new video compression technology that provides higher quality, real-time video. It offers increased remote capabilities via cell phones, which can monitor up to 16 cameras, and can also be accessed through the traditional medium of a standard computer terminal. The HS3 system costs are approximately half of other systems with the added benefits of higher image quality and cell phone access.

The McDonald's franchisee owner stated, "After reviewing the presentation and the working model, we were impressed. I travel from store to store and attend meetings on a daily basis, much of the time I do not have access to a computer terminal. The HS3 system allows me 24/7 access to my stores. We anticipate this will result in higher security for our customers, employees and property as well as increased productivity at our stores."

Mr. Mark Lana, CEO of HS3 Technologies stated, "This agreement opens the door to the many food service establishments in the US. The food service industry is a substantial market where we can deploy our cost-effective, high-quality surveillance systems. We look forward to working with this McDonald's franchisee and look forward to working with others to provide them with our cutting-edge video surveillance system."

HS3 is online at http://www.hs3tech.com