Brivo Appoints Christie Walters as Director of Business Development and Marketing

Bethesda, MD – Brivo Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Christie Walters as Director of Business Development and Marketing; and the appointment of Maria Buenavista as Marketing Manager.

Christie has been with Brivo for over three years. Prior to moving into the Marketing and Business Development role, she was the Western Regional Sales Manager responsible for establishing key relationships for Brivo in that region. Maria has been with the company for over 4 years. She spent the first three years with Brivo as part of the Technical Support group before moving into her Marketing role in January 2005.

“It is always a pleasure to promote from within,” commented Bob Mosler, Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing. “Christie and Maria have been major contributors to our growth at Brivo. It is due to our growth that they have been promoted and will be assuming additional responsibilities. I am confident that they will continue to have a big impact in their expanded roles.”

Brivo is an affiliate of Duchossois Industries, Inc. and The Chamberlain Group, Inc., and is online at