Dedicated Micros’ Introduces ATM Interface Module

Chantilly, VA - Dedicated Micros Inc. recently announced the availability of the DV-IP ATM Interface Module (ATMi). The ATMi is designed to offer integration between Automatic Teller machines (ATM’s) and the Dedicated Micros range of DVRs, including the DV-IP Server and DV-IP ATM. Each module allows transaction data from up to eight individual ATMs to be received, decoded and stored with the relevant images on the DVR or Server.

Enabled with an auto-detect feature, the Interface Module quickly recognizes connected ATMs and collects the selected data. The data is then decoded into a text format and interpreted by the DVR, which in turn stores the text information with the corresponding video input. This allows for a direct association between a single transaction and the related video image, ensuring that the text and video can be reviewed together at a later date or used for evidentiary purposes.

Once detected, the ATMi module programs default settings that correspond to the transactions being passed on the network, significantly reducing install time and the technical knowledge required to do so.

The ATMi now supports all ATM machines using Bisync technology, a common ATM communication protocol, as well as SDLC, HDLC, RS232, RS422, RS485 SNA, and X.25 protocols.

“This integrated protocol conversion means the ATM Interface Module is ideal for any new or existing installations,” said Don Taylor, vice president of marketing for Dedicated Micros. “And by combining video and transaction data together, the module can ensure that the ATM usage is closely monitored.”

Core features include pre-configured protocol support for major ATM vendors and a built-in programmable Ethernet switch with auto MIDX, which removes the need to use an external hub when configuring for use with IP ATM machines.

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