Sniffex Announces New Technology in Explosives Detection

IRVING, TX - Sniffex, Inc., producers of Sniffex, an explosives and weapons detection device, announced the details of its next version of Sniffex. The Company stated that the inventor of the original Sniffex device, Yuri Markov, has been working diligently to enhance the current technology as well as create plans for the next generation of the product.

Paul Johnson, President of Sniffex, Inc., stated that version 1.3 of the device will have major enhancements in terms of ease of use, accuracy, and longevity. The new version of Sniffex will include laser technology to better pinpoint the target and a switching mechanism that will help determine the distance of the target from the operator of the device. In addition, the product will be made of lighter weight materials which will reduce the risk of error due to operator fatigue.

In a related matter, Sniffex, Inc. announced the plans for the next generation of explosives and weapons detection. Yuri Markov outlined the plans for a digital detection device that will be linked to a GPS system, which will potentially enable the device to locate explosives and weapons to within 3-4 meters.

"With this new version of the product Yuri Markov has proven that he can continue to improve the existing technology as well as create a vision for the next generation of products that our R&D team can bring to the market," stated Paul Johnson, President of Sniffex, Inc. "We believe that not only can we continue to expand the technology for weapons and explosives detection, but with these products as a base, we are in a strong position to acquire additional related products and companies that we can sell into our existing, and continually expanding market channel."