Prepared Response and Vance Launch New Crisis Planning and Response Solution

SEATTLE, WA, and WASHINGTON, DC – Prepared Response, Inc. (PRI) and Vance today announced a joint solution that provides complete contingency planning and response assistance for organizations. Together Prepared Response – a crisis management systems expert – and Vance – a global security and investigation firm – help organizations better protect people and assets and maintain business continuity in the face of a man-made or natural disaster. The two firms have combined Prepared Response’s crisis management software platform with Vance’s risk analysis, crisis planning, and physical protection services to form a joint solution unique to the industry. The solution reduces complexity and saves time when companies create, distribute, and update crisis policies and procedures. It also reduces the critical time required for first-responders to react to a crisis, potentially helping to save lives and maintain business continuity.

The unique software-based crisis management system from Prepared Response, Rapid Responder, gives security teams, police, fire and other emergency responders instant access to more than 300 site-specific data points. Electronically accessible data includes tactical response plans, floor plans, interior and exterior photos, and evacuation routes for buildings. It may also include staging areas, hazardous materials locations, utility shut-offs, and satellite map imagery.

Vance’s risk consultants and physical protection experts have helped hundreds of security departments plan for, manage, and respond to contingencies over the last 20 years.  Planning includes vulnerability and threat assessments using site-specific data. Policies, procedures, and training programs are aimed at preventing a crisis. The site data and crisis plans are electronically consolidated for use within the Rapid Responder system. Vance also provides asset protection and uniformed security officers to respond to and help mitigate the potential effects of a crisis.

Several organizations within the hospitality, health care, manufacturing, and education industries have already piloted the solution.

“The collaboration between our two companies will give our clients extra tools for enhancing security, improving safety, and improving response time,” said Jim Finnell, CEO of Prepared Response. “Vance is a company that believes in innovative solutions for its clients, and Rapid Responder is one such solution that will assist corporate security personnel in managing the burden of crisis planning and response. In this day and age, it’s not a matter of if an emergency will happen at a corporation, but when it will happen and how effectively the organization can respond.”

Drew Ladau, President of Vance, noted that risk management is rapidly becoming an executive management and board-level issue.

“Effective risk management addresses threats to personnel and operations, without wasting resources on unnecessary measures,” Mr. Ladau explained. “New technologies combined with a carefully designed plan using prevention, deterrence, and response techniques help reduce risk and minimize damage during a crisis. Our joint solution with Prepared Response enables organizations to access the most innovative risk assessment and management practices available today, while helping to protect people and to get them back working as quickly as possible.“

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