MuxLab's CATV Balun II (500302) Supports Up to 900 MHz via Cat5

Montreal, Canada - MuxLab Inc, a leading designer and manufacturer of security video and audio-video connectivity solutions is pleased to announce its latest addition to its broadband CATV line….VideoEase CATV Balun II (500302). The CATV Balun II pushes the limits of RF video transmssion via Category 5 unshielded twisted pair cable (UTP) by supporting channel frequencies, digital cable and broadband Internet that require higher bandwidth performance.

Used in pairs, MuxLab CATV Balun II features a bandwidth of 900 MHz thereby supporting up to CATV channel 150 as well as broadband Internet via Cat5 UTP.

The CATV Balun II (500302) features lower insertion loss and wider bandwidth versus other CATV baluns thereby supporting greater cable lengths over all terrestrial RF video and Internet frequencies. The product works in conjunction with other RF video distribution equipment such as RF splitters, amplifiers, modulators, tuner and cable modems for a total cabling solution. Actual performance over Cat5 will depend on a number of factors including signal input power, highest channel frequency and reciever sensitivity.

The CATV Balun II may be installed where Cat5 cable is more cost-efficient or where coax cable is not available within spcified distance limits. Applications for the CATV Balun II include; residential RF video distribution, PayTV services, guestroom entertainment, Internet and private broadband video networks.

The product also features a built-in "F" and RJ45 connectors for ease of connection to the CATV equipment and structured cabling system.

The CATV Balun II (500302) will be available through MuxLab distributors by February/March 2006 and will be backed by on-line product and application documentation at