Fire-Lite Introduces Lite-Calcs 2.0 Software for Voltage Drop Calculations

Fire-Lite Alarms, a leading manufacturer of quality life safety systems, has introduced its Lite-Calcs 2.0 software, used for voltage drop calculation. Lite-Calcs 2.0 is a second-generation software program offering new features and enhancements for developing voltage drop calculations for fire alarm control panels, Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC), and auxiliary power supplies. This software is an ideal solution for installers seeking an automatic alternative to manually calculating voltage drops along a NAC.

Lite-Calcs 2.0 offers significant improvements over the original Lite-Calcs software program, including a user-friendly database for editing, adding, and deleting parts. In addition, Lite-Calcs 2.0 allows users to save and easily access frequently used notification appliances through its newly added Favorites feature. Its updated design also has a feature to store job information and contacts in a database for use in future calculations. Lite-Calcs 2.0 provides enhanced navigation through the devices on the circuit, and when a device is selected a device information display feature provides the user with device description.

Voltage drop calculations determine if there is sufficient voltage/current being delivered to the last device on a circuit to ensure that the last device is within its operating range, for any given gauge (AWG) wire selected. By automatically calculating the voltage drop, Fire-Lite’s easy-to-use Lite-Calcs software informs the user if additional NAC power boosters are required. The accuracy of the software prevents the risk of miscalculation and clerical mistakes, which may result in the unnecessary purchase of additional equipment.

Lite-Calcs 2.0 represents a marked improvement over calculations developed with the more traditional spreadsheet approach. Unique features include: faster interface with drag-n-drop and group-add functions; mutually exclusive power source metering; and professional output reports. Also included is an extensive list of compatible Notification Appliances, eliminating the need to manually enter the current for all appliances.

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