Jeff Spivey, CPP, PSP, to Preside over ASIS in 2006

Effective Jan. 1, 2006, Jeff Spivey, a CPP and PSP, has taken over the presidential reigns of ASIS International. Spivey is an industry consultant with 30 years of police and security experience who directs the consulting firm Security Risk Management Inc. out of Charlotte, N.C.

According to a statement from ASIS announcing Spivey as president, the goals in 2006 that Spivey has for the organization include the "streamlining" of "ASIS governance and volunteer leadership structures" as well as the promotion of certifications for security professionals.

Spivey has been a regular speaker at numerous tradeshows, and has been an author for printed security industry trade publications. He hold a bachelor of science degree in criminal justice management from UNC Charlotte.