Universities Face Costs of Making Wiretaps Easier for Feds

American Council on Education says cost to allow wiretaps by FCC would be about $450 per student

"OU has one of the most advanced networks in the region. My current reading would indicate that we would not have much to do," he said. "However, it is unclear for instance if we would need to tie names to IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. This is something we do not do and there would be some cost if that was required."

Aebersold said campus wiretaps are rare; none have been requested in the six years he's worked at OU.

Of about 3,400 wiretap warrants issued in the United States last year, only a handful were for college campuses, according to Educause, a policy group representing computer professionals in higher education.

Oklahoma State University also is waiting on FCC action before making any changes, spokesman Gary Shutt said.