M3 Design and CoVi Make HD Video Surveillance Discreet

AUSTIN, Texas - M3 Design collaborated with CoVi Technologies to adapt their unmatched high-definition surveillance technology into a visually discreet 4" surveillance dome. The new EVQ-3000 MiniDome was designed to meet the needs of new market segments, including retail, banking and education.

M3 Design provided complete mechanical engineering of the internal components. In order to maintain full camera functionality within the compact form-factor, innovative engineering was integral. The cable needed enough service loop to allow for 360 degree rotation, while being minimal enough to fit in the housing. The precision image sensor and integrated electronics enclosure were designed to optimize performance given the limited space.

"The EVQ-3000 MiniDome provides a visually discreet package to our customers who demand the highest in video performance," said David Drell, CoVi's Vice President of Engineering. "The team at M3 Design was instrumental in solving the technical challenges of this demanding product."

"Our team excels at showcasing clients' leading-edge technology through innovative product development," said Terry Branson, M3 Design's President and Founder. "CoVi consistently pushes the boundaries of possibility in HD video surveillance. The MiniDome effectively brings this technology to new markets."

The EVQ-3000 product development is the most recent example of M3'scomplex engineering solutions supporting CoVi's advanced electronics and optics. The previous collaboration resulted in the award winning EVQ-1000, CoVi's first series of fixed cameras. M3 Design provided engineering support to bring the entire EVQ product family to market.

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CoVi Technologies is focused on building complete video surveillance solutions that transcend the capabilities of today's CCTV products. Through the innovative application of High Definition (HD) video technologies, CoVi provides dramatically improved image quality and operational flexibility that delivers maximum protection of personnel and assets. CoVi is the only US based manufacturer to approach high definition video solutions from a total system perspective, including optics, image processing, IP networking and display technologies. The result: extraordinarily powerful solutions that meet the needs of today's worldwide security community. www.covitechnologies.com