Rainbow CCTV Fixed Focal Lenses Used on English Freeway

Fixed focal length lenses from Rainbow CCTV have recently been installed on the M42 freeway in central England.

The auto-iris lenses have focal lengths of 7.5, 16, 50 and 75mm according to nature of usage.

The camera units are mounted on a mixture of bespoke CCTV columns, gantries and cantilever columns. Images are being recorded digitally at a regional control centre on digital video recorders (DVRs) supplied by Geuterbruck.

It is envisaged that in 2007 - at times of high usage – authorities will be opening up the emergency lane of this stretch of the freeway for four-lane running. Before they perform this operation and inform motorists, traffic managers will conduct a visual sweep to check for obstructions such as stranded cars or debris.

In an Executive Summary the UK government body concerned (the Highways Agency) has described how it is employing new and existing technology in Active Traffic Management to make best use of existing road space while maintaining and, if possible, improving current safety standards. It is envisaged that ATM will provide more reliable journey times, decrease the impact of incidents and reduce driver stress.

Having proved well suited to purpose, Rainbow lenses are also being used on similar actively managed emergency lane projects throughout the Netherlands.

Rainbow CCTV is on the Web at www.rainbowcctv.com.