VistaScape Chosen for Intelligent Surveillance System at Port of Baltimore

ATLANTA - VistaScape Security Systems announced today that its SiteIQ automated wide-area surveillance software has been selected to protect the Port of Baltimore. SiteIQ is the central software component for an advanced facility and terminal security contract awarded to the prime contractor, Adesta, LLC, based in Omaha, Neb. The selection of SiteIQ further extends VistaScape's market leadership in the maritime sector for software-based intelligent surveillance systems.

"The Maryland Port Administration is undertaking extraordinary steps to safeguard the Port of Baltimore," said Glenn McGonnigle, Chairman and CEO of VistaScape. "We are honored to be selected by the Port and Adesta as a part of these efforts."

SiteIQ provides a graphical, site-based view of an entire area on a single screen. The software detects, tracks, and classifies objects and plots their activity on the screen. Using the point and click interface, security professionals create security rules which the software continuously monitors for exceptions.

"Technology is a vital component for maintaining the Port's competitive edge and ensuring continuity of operations," said Maryland Port Administration Executive Director Brooks Royster. "VistaScape and Adesta will provide the Port with a leading-edge surveillance technology that is proven at other major ports around the country."

The Port of Baltimore is one of America's top container terminals, generating $1.5 billion in revenue annually and handling over $5 billion in cargo in 2003. The port is a leader in technology adoption, boasting computerized gate complexes, cargo scanners, and an automated shipping information system - all which greatly increase the port's efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

"As a vendor-neutral systems integrator, Adesta evaluates a number of technologies in order to select the most appropriate for the application," said Bob Sommerfeld, President of Adesta. "For securing ports and other critical infrastructure sites, VistaScape's automated wide-area surveillance technology is becoming an industry standard."

SiteIQ allows policy creation at the enterprise level, intuitively on a graphical display of the area, rather than managing rules separately for each camera. In addition to intelligent video detection, SiteIQ permits the integration of other security technology and sensors, such as pan/tilt/zoom cameras, access control systems, smart fences, and GPS. This flexibility allows systems integrators to design systems that utilize the right mix of technologies for securing a site.

VistaScape Security Systems develops automated wide-area surveillance solutions to protect commercial sites, government facilities, and other at-risk infrastructure. VistaScape's SiteIQ(TM) software combines intelligent video surveillance and multi-sensor analysis together with an intuitive map-based graphical interface. SiteIQ delivers unparalleled situational awareness, enabling security professionals to focus on prevention, not reaction. Based in Atlanta, VistaScape is recognized by Red Herring as one of the "Top 100 Private Firms Driving the Future of Technology" and among Fast Company's list of the 101 top ideas, trends and people that will change the way we work and live in 2005. For more information, visit