Viisage to Focus on Increased Performance of Face Recognition Technology

Company awarded $729K contract for R&D of face recognition for terrorist identification

BILLERICA, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 20, 2005--Viisage (NASDAQ: VISGD), a leading provider of advanced technology identity solutions, announced today that TSWG has awarded the company a contract for $729,000 to continue research and development efforts to build on the company's leading face recognition technology for terrorist watchlist applications. Using Viisage's technology, TSWG provides face recognition solutions to several U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) agencies for use in vetting a person's identity, monitoring terrorist watchlists, and conducting investigations.

Viisage has worked with TSWG on research and development of leading identity solutions since 1998. This latest effort focuses on counter-terrorism efforts and advancing the capabilities of face recognition technology in areas such as 3D modeling.

David Herrington, program manager, Technical Support Working Group, commented, "Over the past several years, Viisage has provided the needed technology and services to help us advance identity solutions used to combat terrorism around the world. We are pleased to continue our work with Viisage."

"The advancement of our leading face recognition technology is an important element in an end-to-end identity solution and we are delighted that the DOD has selected Viisage as a partner in this effort," said Bernard Bailey, president and CEO of Viisage.

About Viisage

Viisage (NASDAQ: VISGD) delivers advanced technology identity solutions for governments, law enforcement agencies and businesses concerned with enhancing security, reducing identity theft, and protecting personal privacy. Viisage solutions include secure credentials such as passports and drivers' licenses, biometric technologies for uniquely linking individuals to those credentials, and credential authentication technologies to ensure the documents are valid before individuals are allowed to cross borders, gain access to finances, or granted other privileges. With over 3,000 installations worldwide, Viisage's identity solutions stand out as a result of the Company's industry-leading technology and unique understanding of customer needs. Viisage's product suite includes FaceTOOLS(R) SDK, Viisage PROOF(TM), FaceEXPLORER(R), Viisage iA-thenticate(R), BorderGuard(R), IdentityTOOLS(TM), IdentityEXPLORER(TM), FacePASS(TM) and FaceFINDER(R).

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