Virage Adds Automatic Number Plate Recognition

SAN FRANCISCO, California - Virage, a wholly owned subsidiary of Autonomy Corporation and a leading supplier and visionary in Rich Media Management technology, today added Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to its rapidly expanding Security and Surveillance product set. Neurodynamics ANPR, which utilizes state of the art neural network techniques and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), allows organizations to identify and track both moving and stationary vehicles entirely automatically.

Featuring Optical Character Recognition, Neurodynamics ANPR offers a powerful solution able to conduct automatic number plate recognition operations even when visibility is low due to adverse weather or poor light conditions, including at night. Capable of recognizing all international plates, Neurodynamics ANPR is suitable for a wide range of applications including car park surveillance, traffic law enforcement, access control, monitoring in car payments, border controls and identifying stolen vehicles. High performance OCR enables Neurodynamics ANPR to recognize and record number plates at speeds exceeding 100 MPH in both high density and standard traffic flows. A full range of retrieval options including searching by number plate, partial plate, camera, date and time, allow surveillance staff to identify all vehicles accurately and efficiently. With inbuilt digital recording capabilities and the ability to integrate with multiple repositories such as police databases and traffic records, the launch of Neurodynamics ANPR brings new sophistication and analytics to vehicle identification.

Once a vehicle has been correctly identified, Neurodynamics ANPR will automatically trigger appropriate responses as defined by the operator. For example, where Neurodynamics ANPR is used monitor access to a site, if an unrecognized vehicle is detected, access will be declined and, if required, surveillance staff alerted to the vehicle. As part of Virage Security and Surveillance, Neurodynamics ANPR is invaluable in more complex vehicle tracking scenarios such as monitoring vehicle movements within large scale intelligence operations, as the system is able to make conceptual associations between recorded plates and other pieces of intelligence. Leveraging the power of Autonomy's Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) technology, Neurodynamics ANPR can correlate and cross reference recorded number plates with other data which relates to any specified vehicle in order to detect and interpret the significance of certain behaviors. For example, if a van is detected approaching a high security site, such as key government buildings, Virage Security and Surveillance would automatically alert staff to the fact that it was the fourth time that particular vehicle had entered the specified area within a given time period.

"We're proud to introduce automatic vehicle recognition capabilities to Virage Security and Surveillance and make widely available specialist products which have been tried and tested by key law enforcement agencies," said Rowan Gardner, Virage. "Neurodynamics ANPR offers a robust solution capable of recognizing number plates with unprecedented accuracy even in the most demanding environments such as adverse weather conditions, poor visibility, high density traffic flows and even when vehicles are traveling at high speeds."

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