Arxceo Technology to Secure Law and Military Gunshot Location Sensors

Arxceo announces first OEM license for anomaly-based network intrusion prevention

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Arxceo Corporation, a provider of anti-reconnaissance and anomaly-based intrusion prevention technology, today announced its first OEM licensing agreement with ShotSpotter, a developer of systems and technologies that can detect and locate gunfire for both law-enforcement and U.S. military operations. This agreement marks the first design application for Arxceo's patent-pending technology, further underscoring the market need for anomaly-based, anti-reconnaissance intrusion prevention technology for small embedded devices.

ShotSpotter offers three wireless military systems that provide a redundant, robust wireless communication infrastructure. These three systems are showcased through a small, walkie-talkie sized unit for soldiers to wear, a larger vehicle mounted unit and wireless fixed points for building top locations. Arxceo will integrate its patent-pending Tag-UR-IT(TM) anti-reconnaissance and anomaly behavior intrusion prevention technology into each of these hardware products to harden and secure the devices from network attackers. ShotSpotter's systems allow field personnel and command control teams to make smarter, faster decisions by alerting them to the type and location of weapons fired.

"We've helped law-enforcement departments across the U.S. cut down on illegal gunfire and confiscate weapons with our technology for nearly a decade," said James Beldock, president and CEO of ShotSpotter. "The Arxceo technology allows us to continue leadership in the area of military systems, preventing intrusions or attacks on our customers' servers and sensors. This assures their Gunshot Location Systems will continue to protect our citizens and military forces."

"Arxceo's Tag-UR-IT core engine is small, flexible and designed so that we can license the technology for use in embedded devices that require maximum network protection for mission critical applications," said Don Davidson, Arxceo CEO. "ShotSpotter's Gunshot Location Systems are a perfect example of a critical system that can benefit from the unique design, miniaturized form factor and many advantages a true anomaly-based system has over traditional signature-based technologies."

ShotSpotter will also leverage Arxceo's Ally IP1000(TM) appliance to protect the Law Enforcement customers' data that travels back and forth against network reconnaissance, spoofed traffic, session hi-jacking, DNS cache poisoning, data leaks and protocol abuse. Arxceo's Ally IP1000 is the perfect companion for existing firewalls and other security points within an organization's network, such as high-traffic intersections or in front of centralized server and storage segments. Arxceo's patent-pending approach to anti-reconnaissance makes it very difficult to target the Ally IP1000 as it does not use a network stack or IP address and therefore is invisible on the network. Arxceo's Tag-UR-IT architecture enforces proper protocol behavior and authenticates IP addresses while preventing exploits. Simply stated, Tag-UR-IT tags packets as they enter or exit an Ally-protected network segment. These tags, or fingerprints, contain special encoded information the Ally IP1000 uses to analyze and prevent network attacks including zero-day exploits.

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