Celtron International Signs Agreement to Acquire Satellite Security Systems

$35 million acquisitino would create unified satellite-based asset tracking firm

Satellite Security Systems' GlobalGuard(TM) technology secures, tracks, and controls assets throughout the US, Mexico, and Canada for clients including military, government, police, and the consumer market. With GlobalGuard(TM), users can communicate with, monitor, track, analyze and control the movement of virtually any object in transit. The integration of Motorola's two-way satellite communications, on-board CPU and an integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) make it possible for GlobalGuard(TM) users to send data back and forth from a central command unit or monitoring center while being continually alerted to new or dynamic changes. The GlobalGuard(TM) active communication and GPS system can be incorporated into unlimited applications.

S3 provides a high level of security, asset location for the civilian and corporate world as well. The communications backbone for S3's GlobalGuard(TM) system is the Motorola ReFLEX(TM) satellite communications system. The ReFLEX system is a secure, two-way messaging infrastructure that stretches across North America (U.S., Canada, and Mexico) and is also available throughout Europe and Asia. Compared with competing data networks, ReFLEX's capabilities provide a wide range of crucial technical and economic advantages. S3 adds the government's GPS data to keep decision makers fully aware of operational circumstances. Lastly, a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week Monitoring and Support Center (MSC) is staffed with trained professionals to respond immediately to emergency situations.

S3's active 24/7 GIS/GPS provide customers with immediate access to mobilized information, motivated by real-time situational analysis, and the practical formulation of strategies. As a result, customers will be able to act on actual events to ensure the security of their personnel, equipment and/or vehicular fleet assets. Historically similar extended command and control capabilities were unique only to Department of Defense agencies. Now, S3 extends these powerful, real-time, enterprise-wide oversight tools to all clients, whether the operational scope is public, private, commercial or governmental. Applications include: tracking school buses and their students for several major school districts in the United States, monitoring school bus movements in terms of both time and position, tracking students individually as they enter/exit each bus, monitoring the opening/closing of the bus doors and tracking the movements of the bus driver and other school district supervisory employees on the bus; monitoring of hazardous materials transportation; remote, network-based automated utility meter reading with command and control functionality for managing customer loads, monitoring distribution system operations, and even automated dispatch of emergency services; and commercial fleet optimization of routing and utilization of their vehicles while also providing "anytime, anywhere" emergency services for their drivers.

About Celtron International, Inc.

Celtron International, Inc. is engaged in the business of marketing products and services in vehicle locating and management, and asset tracking and telemetry solutions. Celtron's products and services incorporate the latest, state of the art technology, including cellular, global positioning, and satellite technology.