Homeland Integrated Security Systems Receives Purchase Order from GARDA

ASHEVILLE, NC - Homeland Integrated Security Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has received an initial purchase order for Cyber Trackers from GARDA, Canada's leading provider of total security solutions to the private and public sectors, valued at more than $28,000.

The Cyber Tracker units being shipped to GARDA will be the first to contain video applications. Homeland Integrated Security Systems has ordered, and will accept delivery of the first 1,000 Cyber Trackers, which will be delivered to Homeland Integrated Security Systems prior to the end of this month. The first 1,000 Cyber Trackers represents more than $550,000 in orders to date.

The Cyber Tracker is a portable detection device designed to provide real-time GPS tracking of vehicles, people, or other mobile or movable objects. Its convenient rugged design (5" x 5" x 1") makes it applicable in a variety of situations where it is necessary to know an exact location of a person or object. It features "Push to Talk" ability and an extended battery life. The Cyber Tracker's unique design and features make the product ideal for consumer retail, school systems, ports, fleet management, the Military, and public safety.

"GARDA will have the first Cyber Tracker units in Canada and, based upon the size of their operations, we anticipate many more orders in the future," stated Frank Moody, CEO, Homeland Integrated Security Systems Inc.

Homeland Integrated Security Systems owns proprietary technology and has the rights to use patents to some of the most innovative and sophisticated security products. One of the key target markets is the 361 commercial seaports in the U.S. which are vulnerable to criminal penetration. For more information go to www.hissusa.com.