TeleEye Introduces Feature-Rich DVR with 4-, 8- and 16-channel options

TeleEye Group has launched today three feature-rich and easy-to-use 4-, 8- and 16-channel RN Series digital video recorders, RN284. RN288 and RN2816. Utilizing JPEG 2000 compression technology, TeleEye RN Series guarantees super fine image quality in video recording.

With the JPEG 2000 technology, the overall quality of images will improve since the technology achieves better compression quality than JPEG. Recorded video with 720x288 pixels and maximum recording rate of 200/240 fields per second can be achieved. It also allows users to conduct recording, remote monitoring and playback.

The RN Series contains one removable and one internal hard drive providing total storage capacity of up to 600GB. Its built-in CD writer facilitates extraction of video onto CD-ROM for evidential purposes. Manual, schedule, alarm and motion triggered recording with fast and easy search function can be performed.

Easy to install and use, the RN Series is a complete recording solution that can be easily linked to your network for remote viewing, playback and telemetry control from any networked PC. Available with IR remote control, the RN Series provides users with convenient front panel control without additional wires or cabling.

Other sophisticated features include telemetry control, picture in picture screen display, intelligent playback, dual composite video outputs, OSD menu, security lock, password protection,etc.

TeleEye RN Series provides reliable performance at affordable price which is suitable for a wide range of surveillance applications from retail outlets, factory, shopping mall and property management installations.

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