Telindus Selects SteelBox Networks as Digital Video Storage Partner for UK Highways Agency

Telindus selected to created IP-based CCTV system for UK highways project

ATLANTA - Telindus, the network services provider, has been chosen to design, implement and support an IP switched network CCTV system as part of the UK Highways Agency's National Roads Services Telecommunications Services (NRTS) project. SteelBox Networks Inc. has been chosen by Telindus Surveillance Solutions Ltd as their provider of the Video storage equipment necessary for this project. The project will provide a national digital system linking more than 14,000 message signs, emergency telephones, up to 6000 CCTV cameras and traffic monitoring systems to the Highway Agency's network of traffic control centers. While primarily designed to provide a road safety monitoring system, it will also give drivers real-time travel information to plan their journeys, and create safer roads, thanks to the nationwide distribution of CCTV footage to travel information and navigation companies.

The Telindus solution gives The Highways Agency a fully integrated video solution, which means real-time images from the roadside, can be viewed and recorded across the entire network. The system gives regional control centers greater visibility of the road network over a wider area, resulting in more effective management of the network and appropriate response to incidents.

Mark Hutchinson, Managing Director of Telindus UK says, "The Highways Agency wanted to consolidate disparate systems and maximize the use of their fiber optic network. The technology that Telindus have deployed is ideal as it is able to record high quality video images on a reliable image recording device and provide low latency (low delay) images across the network."

Telindus is subcontracted by Alcatel, the global telecoms solutions provider acting as telecoms design authority for the GeneSYS consortium. GeneSYS, headed by Fluor, one of the world's largest publicly owned engineering, construction and maintenance services organizations, also includes HSBC, Mott Mc Donald and Peek Traffic. The consortium will manage the project on behalf of the UK Highways Agency.

Telindus says, "SteelBox provides the scalability and retrieval technology that is critical in a project of this size." Chip Howes the CEO of SteelBox says, "The combination of our NVR's with Telindus codec's and management software brings a best of breed solution to this UK initiative."

Telindus Solution

The NRTS solution is designed and manufactured by Telindus Surveillance Solutions Ltd and is an extension of the existing successful Telindus implementation on the M25 London Orbital project. It is primarily based on the CellStack product line, which includes the CellStack Centauri codec and the CellStack Centinel network video recorder (NVR). The NVR's will be supplied by SteelBox Networks. The system will be managed by centralized management software suite and will include additional bespoke software applications.

SteelBox Solution

The NVR for this project is manufactured by SteelBox Networks in Atlanta, GA. It brings lower cost, intelligent security event handling, unique video indexing functionality for retrieval, and scalability into the petabytes to the project. Other successful SteelBox partnerships are found in the military, rail systems, sea ports and highways.

The publicly listed Telindus Group (Euronext Brussels , ticker TEL) is a one-stop service partner, solution provider and manufacturer for fixed and mobile networks.

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