Telindus Selects SteelBox Networks as Digital Video Storage Partner for UK Highways Agency

Telindus selected to created IP-based CCTV system for UK highways project

Telindus, the Integrator, has extensive expertise, encompassing consulting, integration and managed services, in all areas of modern telecommunications applications and technologies for local area networks(LAN), metropolitan area networks (MAN), wide area networks (WAN), virtual private networks (VPN), network access and security, surveillance and networked applications.

Telindus is a manufacturer of broadband access and video surveillance solutions. Combined with a large networking product portfolio from strategic suppliers and partners, Telindus is the best route to leading edge technology and best of breed products and services for both operators and enterprises.

Since its foundation in 1969, Telindus has made significant investments in establishing a solid footprint of networking and security expertise in Europe and beyond. With a full operational presence in as many as 15 countries across Europe and South East Asia and employing almost 2.300 people, Telindus provides customers with both business and technology-focused solutions. Telindus' own products are distributed by an extensive network of agents across the globe.

Telindus has its corporate headquarters at Heverlee, close to the university city of Leuven, Belgium. For more information on Telindus' networking solutions and services, please visit

About Telindus Surveillance Solutions Ltd

Telindus Surveillance Solutions Ltd (formerly known as CellStack Systems Ltd) is part of the Telindus Group specializing in the development of high quality video surveillance solutions. Telindus Surveillance Solutions Ltd has a range of video codec products and solutions based on MPEG-2 and M-JPEG compression technology which is mainly used in video transmission situations. Telindus Surveillance Solutions Ltd is based in Cambridge, UK. For more information call +44 (0) 1223 509300 or see

About SteelBox Networks Inc.

SteelBox Networks is headquartered in Atlanta, GA where it designs and develops video switching and recording equipment for the video security industry. This equipment combines high-speed switching technologies with unique video indexing technology to provide robust highly scaleable systems for video distribution, storage and retrieval. For more information call+1 678 391 4700 or visit