Video Domain's new mini-DVR with cellular communications

DV-Cop/CELL DVR packs video motion detection, GPRS cellular platform, low battery draw

Video Domain Technologies will be demonstrating DV-Cop/CELL, an affordable miniature DVR packed with powerful features including Cellular Communications for remote visual verification, at ISC West 2008.

DV-Cop/CELL is a portable, stand-alone miniature DVR that integrates cellular communication, sleep mode and advanced Video Motion Detection. When intrusion is detected, you receive an SMS and/or email with JPEG images attachment for remote visual verification.

In addition, you can send SMS messages to the unit in the field for management and configuration purposes. Images are also recorded onto a removable mini SD card for later examination on any PC (currently over 4GB capacity).

DV-Cop/CELL is endowed with Siemens' most advanced GPRS Class 12 cellular platform available today, ensuring high-speed transfer of images. The images can be transmitted in a range of resolutions including 320x240 for optimum speed, and can be encrypted to secure information.

DV-Cop/CELL is a convenient and economical solution that does not require ongoing daily maintenance. The Sleep mode feature, when it draws only 18mA, makes it suitable also for extended battery-powered operation in remote sites where power sources are unavailable, motor vehicles, yachts, etc.

Video Motion Detection technology enables the user to define relevant content for recorded images, saving the need for large storage capacity - and saving time going through hours of recorded content. Storage and archiving is simple with mini SD cards.

DV-Cop/CELL is a secure, reliable system. It is password protected, images are date & time stamped and treated to meet evidential standards, there is automatic recovery after power failure, and as already mentioned - transmitted images can be encrypted and a warning sent when battery power is running low.

Being small, DV-Cop/CELL is easy to hide – perfect for covert operations and safeguarding from potential vandalism.

Special Features Include:
• Easily accessible setup & controls
• Easy installation without having to open the unit
• Reset and Factory Default achieved by simply pressing an external push-button
• Supports Mini-SD/HC card technology over 4GB
• Upgrade of storage capacity simply by upgrading mini SD/HC card
• Supports VISTA operating system
• SMS warning message sent when battery is running low.
• User defines how many images per event to send via SMS/email, and how many images to record on mini SD card.

Video Domain Technologies specializes in next-generation digital video solutions to secure and manage business, home & critical assets for immediate action and post-event analysis. Video Domain leads the market in sophisticated miniature digital visual evidence recorders that are robust, user-friendly and ideal for covert applications, including the award-winning MemoCam series.

The DV-Cop/Cell is exclusively distributed in USA and Canada by LEA-Law Enforcement Associates, located in Raleigh, North Carolina..

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