RISCO Group's launches iREX request-to-exit detector

March 17th, 2008; RISCO Group, a leading provider of comprehensive security solutions, is launching the iREX, a new Request to Exit Detector with IQ logic - an innovative technology that provides an extra level of security. iREX is a new addition to RISCO Group's Access Control products suite and was developed in response to customers requirements from RISCO Group's main markets.

The iREX and iREX Plus are intelligent PIR detectors specifically designed for a wide variety of request to-exit applications. Both iREX and iREX Plus
- with IQ Logic for added security
- meet the most stringent request-to-exit requirements. iREX detectors have ample wiring space and are quick and easy to install. The IQ Logic feature is an innovative concept available in the iREX Plus detector - it provides added security by activating any iREX enabled door only after an additional device has been activated prior to the motion detection by the iREX (such as a floor switch, additional PIR or disarming of an intruder alarm system)

RISCO Group has implemented advanced technologies and given great attention to quality in order to guarantee excellent performance in the iREX Series. Other great features of the iREX include:
• Remote input for Parallel Door Control - the door lock opens either upon motion detection by iREX OR from an external device
• Door Secure Mode - to prevent unwanted persons from entering the premises following a valid exit
• Internal buzzer - with adjustable volume and direct external activation
• Door Alarm Mode - to activate the buzzer if the door is forced or left open too long.

RISCO Group creates IP based integrated security solutions for the global security markets. From software solutions to high-performance wired and wireless integrated systems, the company develops products matching customers’ requirements and industry standards. RISCO Group’s solutions for buildings and control rooms, sophisticated detector technology, intrusion and access control systems are found in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential applications around the world. For more information please visit: www.riscogroup.com.