Panasonic iris readers found in Clear travel lanes

Verified Identity Pass Clear lines use biometrics to speed travelers through security

According to Mr. DeFina, iris recognition technology offers both convenience and high security. Convenience is a result of the low error rate, and Panasonic offers the best performance in the industry with a false acceptance ratio of only one in 1.2 million. Additionally, no contact with the Iris Reader is required, which eliminates wear and tear and contamination issues. Also, authentication is more accurate because unlike fingerprint, voice, facial or photo ID card programs, data obtained using Panasonic Iris Readers will never become obsolete because iris patterns remain the same for life after one year of age, and no two irises – even your own two or those of identical twins – are identical.

In addition to Clear, Panasonic Iris Reader solutions are also utilized in the National Child Identification Program (The Children's Identification and Location Database), a secure, nationwide network and registry enabling law enforcement and social service agencies to positively identify missing children and adults; Sea I.D., an identification system for maritime, cruise and port industries; as well as Senior SafetyNet and SORIS (the Sex Offender Registration and Identification System).