Alarm Lock continues to offer grade 1, BHMA-certified locks

March 2008 - Alarm Lock Systems, Inc., a leader in locking technology for over three decades continues to offer Grade 1 certified cylindrical locks that meet BHMA standards. Our products stand up against the test of time like no other locks in the industry during repeated use and wear. Known for top-notch design and solid standalone access, our popular Trilogy line of cylindrical locks including (DL2700, DL2800, DL3000, DL4100, DL3200) and PIN/Prox (PDL3000, PDL4100) reigns supreme in strength, durability and performance. Alarm Lock’s Trilogy line remains a security staple for today’s leading retailers, colleges and institutions around the globe.

Attesting to our commitment to provide long-lasting hardware, all Trilogy locks withstand heavy amounts of pressure and abuse because all are manufactured with unique alloy metals. Trilogy’s Grade 1 certified weatherproof and cylindrical locksets offer dependable access control and field-proven electronic standalone technology which supports between 100 to 2000 PIN codes and/or HID Prox ID cards/fobs. What’s more, our locking devices provide aesthetic appeal in seven striking architectural finishes (US26D, US3, US26, US5, US10B, US4, US10).

Alarm Lock’s Grade 1 certified locks are designed to allow free egress while maintaining security from the outside. To learn more about these products that meet the requirements set forth by BHMA, please visit or call 1-800-252-5625.