Research looks at security convergence for global firms

Large global businesses recognizing value of convergence, still facing hurdles

Fehl noted that it became a challenge to find someone who can manage all the different players and factors -- IT, business strategy, investigations, physical security technologies, human resources, and more - that need to be a part of a converged security operation.

"Anecdotally, one of the thing we've found is that it's actually a lot easier sometimes for smaller firms to converge security because they don't face those organizational challenges and barriers," noted Fehl.

By the numbers
Salient highlights from "Enterprise Threat Management and Security Convergence: A Benchmarking Study"

-- 42 percent said "having physical security systems on IT backbones is a security risk" -- 33 percent said they envision convergence happening within their organizations in the next two to five years -- 33 percent said that convergence will never happen -- 73 percent said that vulnerabilities in either the physical security system or in IT security could potentially lead to a breach in the other system -- 91 percent of respondents said their companies planned to increase investment in security