VideoIQ introduces VideoIQ iCVR camera

Ultra-wide dynamic range day-night network camera has built-in intelligence, content-aware storage, object search

• Intelligent recording quality - VideoIQ's content-aware storage captures critical events at the highest frame rate, resolution and quality, while recording everything else at the usual lower quality settings used in DVRs. Since the camera knows what video is important, customers never need to sacrifice quality.

• Advanced compression – VideoIQ cameras and encoders feature H.264 dual streaming capability at up to D1/30fps. A pure analog output is also standard for local test or other legacy needs.

• Never lose video – VideoIQ systems never lose video recording – even during extended network downtime – since everything is stored on the camera. Moreover, critical events can be instantly archived to remote network attached storage for redundancy and data protection.

• The first truly plug-and-play analytics with automatic learning – Absolutely no calibration time is needed. Once plugged in, VideoIQ's advanced intelligence automatically calibrates. It is as easy to set up and use as video motion detection. And its self-learning technology gets smarter about its environment with each object detected.

• The only system with "Click & Search" – VideoIQ's powerful object search capability lets customers search for the person or vehicle they are seeking by simply clicking on their image. VideoIQ automatically searches across terabytes of video from any of the VideoIQ cameras and encoders on the network, and delivers results in seconds.

• High reliability and low cost of ownership – With its patent pending, 4X lifespan extension hard drive technology, and redundant internal recording of critical video events in both solid state memory and the hard drive, the VideoIQ iCVR is the most reliable and cost-effective IP video system to install, maintain and service.

• Easy integration – VideoIQ products are designed to work with and extend customers' existing surveillance systems. VideoIQ encoders work with virtually any analog camera installed at a site – normal, day/night, and thermal – all with no configuration changes. VideoIQ cameras and encoders are standards-based and feature open APIs – enabling easy integration with third-party video management software and central archive storage systems.

"We have been waiting for analytics to become capable and inexpensive enough so that they can be applied broadly - VideoIQ seems to have figured out how to solve this problem," said Bonnie Michelman, director of police, security and outside services at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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