Texas town calls for security increase at gas wells

The city of Burleson, Texas, has decided to take security matters at natural gas wells into its own hands. On Feb. 12, the city passed revisions to an ordinance that would require increased access control and video surveillance measures at natural gas wells.

Among the measures in the revised ordinance are that sites include automatic-closing gates that can provide access control and which can be remotely monitored. Additionally, the revised ordinance requires perimeter fencing around production equipment and use of surveillance cameras at gas well locations that are in proximity to "high-pedestrian areas."

The revised ordinance also spelled out that surveillance cameras must be added when the sites are within 1,000 feet of the so-called "high pedestrian areas," and specified locks on gates. The controlled access gates have apparently been a permit requirement for the last three months.

The Burleson-Crowley Connection, an online newspaper, spells out more details on the ordinance in its article, and also includes information about the city's continuing false alarm problem.