Alabama-based integrator ready for analytics

Birmingham, AL- Video analytics software is the newest trend in surveillance-based security. This new technology uses highly advanced computer algorithms to automatically detect security breaches and potential threats. But, how is the industry keeping up with this new technology?

Video analytics provide great benefits for the end users, and we have only scratched the surface of their capabilities. However, video analytics are not yet widely implemented because product designers are struggling to find competent vendors to sell and implement these new technologies. Video analytic systems are expanding so rapidly, it is proving difficult for software integrators to fully utilize the benefits of video analytics. Video analytics software suppliers are being very selective with whom they trust to install and manage their products.

Alscan Inc., is a 27-year-old security provider based in Birmingham, Alabama. Over the last three decades, they have been through a huge array of new technologies and video analytics are no different. The team at Alscan Inc., is highly committed to spending the time and money required to educate their staff and their clients regarding the capabilities of video analytics. They send everyone from sales consultants to technical installers to classes, seminars, and product demonstrations. According to Edward Goldberg, Founder and President of Alscan Inc., "The two biggest advantages of video analytics are the vastly improved response times and increased cost efficiency. However, if the integrator does not fully understand the software applications or capabilities, both of these advantages can disappear quickly."

One of the critical factors for successful use of video analytics is the integration with existing security technology. Often there is no need for additional cameras or video banks. Depending on the situation, video analytics software can often be integrated into existing systems and save the user money. Again, the integration company must have an in-depth knowledge of video analytics to effectively handle this type of system upgrade.

Alscan Inc., is proud to be one of the few trusted providers of video analytics in the Southeast, and they are committed to the future of this software. For over 25 years, Alscan, Inc., has been a leader in providing design and installation of security systems for commercial and industrial establishments throughout the Southeast. Alscan security systems bring technology into detail with innovative and intelligent products that set the standard for system design and implementation.