AMAG Technology

AMAG promotes Adam Shane to product manager

Torrance, CA, February 13, 2008 – Recent growth and product development expansion plans have prompted AMAG Technology to promote Adam Shane to Product Manager. In his new role Adam will be AMAG's product champion and will take responsibility for all AMAG products from inception to launch and beyond.

Adam will manage the introduction of new products both internally and externally, working closely with AMAG's Technical Support, Training, Customer Service and Sales teams. He will also be the focal point for the collection and research of new product development requests from AMAG's customers. Adam will have a direct link through to the Global Product Management group and use his technical expertise to ensure new products closely match customer requirements. AMAG Product Management will be involved in review of both design and compliance testing to ensure new products meet the customer's expectation.

"This is an exciting opportunity for me to work with our customers. I look forward to the challenge of delivering products that exceed our customer's demands," said Adam Shane.

"AMAG and our customers will benefit from Adam's new position as he works to deliver quality products to the market place. Adam has a wealth of industry knowledge and knows the AMAG product family in great detail. He is a perfect fit for this new position. Adam will be the 'go to guy' for our customers both internal and external," said AMAG Technology, Vice President of Technical Services, Ray Payne.

The Symmetry Access Control system is deeply integrated with the Symmetry Video Management and Symmetry Edge Network Controller (ENVS®) to provide an IP security management solution. Symmetry is a completely open system providing fully integrated access control, digital video, alarm management, identity management, visitor management, smart cards, biometrics, intercom control, guard tour, muster, building management integration and XML web service integration with other systems.