N.J. mall protects shoppers with wireless video

LOS GATOS, Calif. — Firetide, a leading developer of wireless mesh and access networks, today announced that the Livingston Mall in Livingston, N.J., has deployed a Firetide wireless mesh network to improve security at the super-regional shopping center serving Essex, Morris and Union Counties and located approximately 20 miles from New York City. Supreme Security Systems of Union, N.J., designed and installed the IP-based wireless video surveillance system and is overseeing its continued expansion.

The Livingston Mall installation originated with, and was designed for, use by the Livingston Police Department (LPD). The LPD received Department of Homeland Security funding to upgrade security at the mall. The mall's Firetide mesh network provides wireless connectivity for megapixel IP cameras that are trained on strategic locations inside the mall, at outside entrances, and in the parking lots.

"Firetide wireless mesh technology was crucial to this installation to ensure excellent transmission performance, cost savings, and enhanced ease of installation and expansion," said Frank Benna, sales manager at Supreme Security Systems. "The Livingston police love the image quality, and the Firetide wireless mesh network gives them what they want in terms of coverage and image quality, and at the right total investment."

Also key to the installation is megapixel technology from IQinVision, a provider of high performance network cameras. Using megapixel cameras reduces the number of cameras needed -- far less than the amount of CCTV cameras that would have been required -- while offering excellent image clarity and coverage at a lower cost.

"Malls have become 'the new downtowns' where people not only shop, but dine, browse, and meet," said Bo Larsson, chief executive officer of Firetide. "Firetide wireless mesh technology provides law enforcement with an important new tool to ensure the safety of visitors, employees, and security personnel alike. The Livingston Mall deployment is an excellent example of how public safety and commercial security agencies can benefit from the flexibility and robustness of Firetide wireless mesh."

The mall is currently expanding, and these plans include increasing the number of cameras and Firetide mesh nodes to support future project phases. Over time, the real-time video feeds -- presently used for incident review -- will be available for live monitoring at the Livingston Police Department and, eventually, in LPD cruisers patrolling the mall and responding to incidents. Firetide wireless mesh technology will be instrumental in continuing to extend the reach and capabilities of the system.