Videx's access control software for small businesses

CORVALLIS, OREGON, February 11, 2008 -- Videx is excited to introduce a new stand-alone version of the CyberAudit-Web Lite software. Designed specifically for small businesses, this affordable, user-friendly software makes electronic access control easy to manage and works in conjunction with CyberLock electronic locks and keys. With the Lite software and CyberLock electronic cylinders, a small business can quickly convert their existing mechanical locks to a full-functioning access control system without any need for wiring.

Powerful in its simplicity, CyberAudit-Web Lite software makes it easy to add electronic access control to doors, cabinets, and padlocks throughout a business. Lite demonstrates that electronic access control does not have to be expensive to implement, or difficult to manage.

This easy-to-use software allows a business owner to program each user's key to access selected locks on specific days and only during certain times on those days. A key can even be preset with a date that it will become inactive. Most importantly, both the electronic locks and keys record openings and denied entries, providing the owner with a detailed audit report of activity. Lite easily accommodates installations of up to 50 CyberLock electronic locks and 50 electronic keys.

CyberAudit-Web Lite software runs on a PC or Mac and is ideal as a locally managed single system. Lite comes as an installable software package that is controlled through a web browser and has a simple user interface. The software only needs to be installed on one computer and can be easily accessed via a standard browser from a home office on the same local area network.

There is also a server version of CyberAudit-Web Lite that is designed for access over the Internet. The server version is intended for companies that want to host multiple clients as a service. The software can handle multiple databases so that client accounts can be managed efficiently. More info at